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The following are examples of online work created by Electric Genesis Consulting & Research. If you require assistance please contact us with the form at the bottom of the page.

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Puffman Obfuscation Encryption Java source codeRepurposes Huffman Encoding for obfuscation encryption. Challenge to crack. Without warrantee for demonstration purposes only. Not for commercial use.To compile, please download and install JDK 1.7 or later. Please review ReadMe.txt before use.
Canadian Internet Transaction Reporting SystemThe following is a project that was commissioned by an unnamed company. Only one of the promised payments was received. All branding and confidential information has been stripped for the purpose of this demo. *Login in with "user" or "admin". Password for both is "electricgenesis".
Fantaplay Picture ManagerThe following project was commissioned by Fantaplay for Brandy Fan Site. This project is not very impressive except for being unique in that it is written entirely in ECMAScript (Not bytecode). Originally intended to use script as a cost saving short-cut for a small project, this quickly grew to be perhaps the largest ECMAScript application ever written. By its very nature, this application is slow. High-end CPU recommended. It is designed for and tested on Internet Explorer on Windows only. Performance is not guaranteed on this platform much less any other. Please note some setup is required before use. *
  1. Download and install MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1
  2. Add this site to your Internet Explorer Trusted Sites List
  3. Click on Custom Level for security of Trusted Sites — under Miscellaneous enable "Access data sources across domains"
Please note that all changes to broswer security settings are at your own risk.

* For demonstration purposes only. Database is reset automatically every day.


Listen to math: In many cultures prime numbers are considered lucky, or unlucky. This is perhaps because they appear less than expected in a socially constructed world where most numbers we see tend to be the result of multiplication of integers. Prime numbers are known to appear chaotically along the number line but they are only part of a larger picture — the divisor function. In the above audio plot of the divisor function you can hear at first orderly, almost musical frequencies of sound that become louder and break up into chaos over time.

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