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Electric Genesis Consulting & Research has been given an Advisory Opinion on Puffman, a code sample written in the Java programming language by founder Derek Seabrooke as an example of development prowas. Released under the GNU General Public License, Puffman repurposes Huffman encoding traditionally used for data compression as an obfuscation encryption technology. Because it can be used effectively with keys beyond 40 bits in length, it would require a license to export beyond the Wassenaar Domain, nevertheless we have been assured by Ben Schonfeld, senior technical officer of the Export Control division of Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada that the law does not apply to published technology.

Based on positive feedback we received about our experimental stylesheet, Electric Genesis Consulting & Research has decided to incorportate it as the default stylization for this website. This style was based on suggestions given to us in a review from the Internet Marketing Center. If you prefer the old style it is still available on the accessibility page under classic. Please continue to give us your feedback on this development.

This website recently won a review from the Internet Marketing Center. In it, we were given many suggestions about how to improve the effectiveness of this website. These suggestions ranged from changes to improve the cosmetic appearance and readability of the site to its content. We are not yet sure to what extent to implement these suggestions but have decided to create a new style-sheet to test out some of the changes to the look of this site. Particularly the Internet Marketing Center seemed to dislike our default stylization of white text on black background.

To try out this new style please go to the accessibility page and choose Experimental. In future this may become the default style. We would appreciate your feedback on whether or not you prefer this new style over the old one. To give us your thoughts, please take our online survey.

We are also contemplating changes to this website's content and adding geotagging as per the Internet Marketing Center's suggestion to geotarget. Electric Genesis Consulting & Research was very excited to had won the opportunity of this review and would like to thank the kind people of the Internet Marketing Center for their generosity and brutal honesty.

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