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4118 Pender Street

Burnaby British Columba

V5C 2M2

Voice: 416-801-3874
Fax: 214-716-2480

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Besides this site, do you have any examples of your work on the web?

Take a look at my online portfolio of work.

I want to contact you but I have problem submitting the form or using ReCaptcha

Please take the online survey and enter all details of the problem in the last question field. Also be sure to include your browser and operation system. You do not need to fill out any of the other questions.

I had a bad experience with your online store

We're sorry to hear that. If you purchased a product you don't like please apply to the vendor for a refund. We would be interested in hearing about your experience. Please contact us and select Online Store Experience as the subject.

I have a disability that makes it difficult to read this website

Great lengths have been taken to make this website accessibility to the widest range of individuals. All images are tagged with alternative text descriptions for individuals with screen-readers. If you cannot read this website well please try using the accessibility options. This tool allows you to select alternative style-sheets which may make the text more legible. Do you have additional style sheets that work for people with other disabilities or will help improve compatibility with specialized hardware? Is this feature helping you? please contact us and select Accessibility Options Feedback as the subject. Thanks.

This website looks cosmetically displeasing to me

We're sorry to hear that. This website does not use a lot of graphic images for a variety of reasons: Cost of developing the graphics. Concerns about compatibility with screen-readers. Concerns about formatting issues with alernative style-sheets.

If you have any suggestions to improve the cosmetic look of this website please take our online survey. Please note that the changes cannot interfere with the accessibility options in any way. At the moment this website does not do anything specifically to make itself compatible with mobile devices but may do so in future.

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Home | Accessibility | Pricing | FAQ | About Derek Seabrooke | Legal
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